God came to the rescue of the people of Israel and delivered them from bondage under the Egyptians. He called them to remember what he had done for them through the Passover meal and the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Hundreds of years after the exodus God came to rescue his people and deliver them from a greater enemy. Now we are called to remember what he has done for us in a special way.

The Passover

God prepared the people of Israel for the 10th and final plague by instituting the Passover meal. The Israelites would escape death as the passover lamb was sacrificed on their behalf serving as a substitute. The Passover teaches us about God's deliverance of the people of Israel and points to Christ who is the perfect Passover lamb sacrificed on our behalf for our sins. Now we, like the people of Israel, are covered by the blood of the lamb.

Hardened Hearts and the Judgments of God

This week we venture back into chapter 7 of Exodus. God is going to liberate his people from slavery after He defeats the gods of Egypt. Through the plagues God is revealing himself to both Israel and Egypt that they may know He is the LORD. God is redeeming his people by mighty works of judgment.

Justice and the People of God

In Isaiah 58, God gives a prophetic indictment against his people for neglecting the oppressed. God calls his people to do justice, to serve and fight for the oppressed. As Isaiah 58 teaches, a passion for justice is a fruit of devotion and knowing God.