Paradise Lost and the Promise of Restoration

Genesis chapter 3 provides us the answers as to why the world is as it is. Sin has entered the world and brought with it devastating consequences that effect the entire cosmos. Not only is creation cursed, but also our marriages suffer under the weight of the curse. Yet, God responds to our sin with judgment and grace. There is hope! God promises to send one to crush the head of the serpent.

Prerequisites of the Gospel

This week we continue to examine sin and the anatomy of sin in Genesis chapter 3. We will learn how a right understanding of the fall and sin is a prerequisite of everything that follows in scripture. 

Sin, Shame and the Healing of Covenantal Faithfulness

When sin entered the world it brought with it devastating effects cosmologically, physically, relationally and spiritually. This morning, we look at the effects of sin on marriage. Sin brings shame and fear into our marriages in a way that threatens to tear them apart. However, God has built the institution of marriage upon covenantal faithfulness which instructs us in fidelity, mercy, grace and forgiveness within our marriages.

The Foundation of Marriage

Marriage is God’s idea; He created it. And marriage exists for His glory. God declared that Adam’s solitary condition was not good. Therefore, He fashions Eve perfectly for Adam and in so doing creates the covenantal union of marriage.