What Belongs to God

In this Sunday's t ext, Matthew 22:15-22, Jesus manages to teach on multiple culturally explosive topics all in one conversation! This week we will examine these seven short verses that involve politics, taxes and religion. And we will learn how the Kingdom of God shapes our understanding of how we participate in each.

Dress Code Righteousness

In Matthew 22, Jesus continues teaching parables that vividly describe Israel’s rejection of Jesus and his ministry. This rejection of Jesus as the Christ, inevitably leads to their judgment and destruction. But God does not give up. God desires all men to be saved through Jesus and hence, He sends his invitation into His Kingdom far and wide.

This weeks text explores the theme of Israel’s spiritual hypocrisy through Jesus’ cursing of a fig tree and a challenge to His authority in the temple brought by the chief priests and elders. The truths we see in the text point to a powerful spiritual reality for all of us.