Uncovered and Exposed

Noah's life with his family began well after the flood but things began to deteriorate when Noah became drunk and lay naked in his tent. The response of Noah's sons to his sin occasioned a pronouncement by Noah of a curse and a blessing.

God's Covenant With Noah

After leaving the ark, Noah offers a sacrifice in worship to the Lord. God receives this sacrifice and establishes his covenant with Noah and all creation. The Noahic covenant is very similar to the covenant God had with Adam. In the covenant, God promises to never again to judge the earth through water or universal flood and gives instructions for the preservation of life on the earth.

A Righteous Remnant

After the flood, the waters recede and God leads Noah and his family safely out of the ark. God has graciously preserved a righteous remnant according to his purposes. Noah responds to the Lord in obedient worship for the salvation he has received.

The Judgment and Patience of God and the Purpose of Missions

In Genesis Chapter 7 the day of God's judgment arrives. God had been exceedingly patient with man, but to no avail. Everywhere on earth, man's hears was only wicked. God's judgment came with unfathomable power and force; nothing escaped his judgment. Today, we are closer to the Day of Judgment than we have ever been. Once again, God is patient with us, desiring that none should perish and that all should be saved through Christ.