02.28.16 | A Father's Blessing

Before he dies, Jacob calls his sons to him and blesses his sons.

The Greatest Inheritance

At the end of his life, Jacob calls his son, Joseph to himself and Joseph brings his sons to with him. Jacob passes onto the sons the covenant blessings of God. And as we have seen time and time again, God is not constrained by convention or human tradition. God once again selects the younger to be exalted over the older. Indeed God's ways are not our ways and His ways are higher than our ways.

Thriving In The Midst Of Famine

Jacob and his descendants settled in Goshen, the most fertile land in Egypt. In the midst of a famine and surrounded by Egyptians desperate for food, the nation of Israel stands in stark contrast. There God prospered them and made them fruitful and multiplied them greatly. God's covenant with Abraham continues to be fulfilled and unfold. Jacob, believing this, makes his son, Joseph swear to return his bones to Canaan, to be buried with his fathers.

A Great Reunion

Jacob at his sons journey down to Egypt at the invitation of Joseph and in order to survive the severe famine in the land. Before he departs the promise land, Jacob goes to Beersheeba to offer a sacrifice and worship the Lord. The Lord meets him there and confirms his promises. God has orchestrated the means by which Israel will go to Egypt and God will go with him and bless him there. Although Jacob is leaving the promise land, God's presence goes with him to bless and to guide. This descent to Egypt will preserve the people and soon to be nation of Israel and preserve God's plan of salvation.