Mistaken Identity and a Missed Opportunity

Jesus proclaimed to his disciples repeatedly that he would go to Jerusalem and there be betrayed, handed over and killed, only to take up his life again on the 3rd day. As he enters Jerusalem, his disciples and the crowds celebrate his arrival. They rejoice for the miracles they have seen. But they are a fickle hearted bunch and will later shout not praises but insults. Jesus speaks to their failure to understand the magnitude of what is happening and the purpose for which He came.

Faith and Fear

In spite of demonstrating great faith in God, Abram still struggled with fear and doubt. But in spite of Abram's fear and deception God remained faithful to his promises.

Faithful Obedience

In Genesis 12 we read the origins of the nation of Israel. God’s chosen people began when God called Abram out of his homeland to go to an unknown land. God promised Abram a 7-fold blessing. Remarkably, boldly, Abram believed and obeyed God. God led Abram to the land of the Canaanites and promised to give him their land. Abram responded in claiming the land for God and worshipped Him there.

A Table and a Tower

The story of the tower of Babel explains to us how one people, became many nations with many different languages. At the beginning of chapter 11, the people all spoke one language. But because of their defiance and rebellion against God, God dispersed the unified people in confusion. From the land of Shinar, they spread throughout the earth. And at the consummation of all things, they will be gathered together again, not to speak one language, but to worship Jesus, our Savior in their own tongue, such that Jesus shall receive praise from every tribe and tongue and nation on earth.

Humanity's Solidarity

Genesis chapter 10 is an often neglected passage of Scripture because it contains a genealogy. But in reality this text is utterly unique, providing us with information about how the world was filled by humanity, God’s blessing and critical truths that should shape our biblical worldview. At the great consummation of all things, the Lord Jesus, will be worshiped by people from every tribe, tongue and nation.