A Weeping Savior

After prophesying to his disciples about what lies ahead, Jesus intentionally heads to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. But Jesus has come to do more than celebrate the Passover. He has come to offer himself as the final sacrifice for sin. And as He comes over the top of Mount Olivet and sees the city, Jerusalem, He chooses to enter the city as a humble Savior according to the words of Zechariah. His heart is open, ready to receive all who will come to him.

God’s loving faithfulness

n the opening Chapters of Joshua we have seen Israel–under Joshua's leadership–cross the Jordan river and take their first steps into Canaan. In Joshua 5:1-12, Israel is on the brink of the conquest of Canaan, however their priority is not military preparedness, but spiritual preparedness. In these verses, we will witness this latest generation of Israel pause to reaffirm their covenantal relationship with God.

Our Mighty God

As Israel crosses over the Jordan River and enters the promise land, God demonstrates his mighty and unparalleled power. He parts the Jordan River as He previously parted the Red Sea and brings his people safely into the land. In so doing, Israel's exodus is complete. God has redeemed them and delivered them into the promise land.

Unexpected Grace and Undeserved Mercy

Joshua chapter 2 is an incredible story in which we see God's mercy extending beyond Israel to people of the surrounding nations. God desires that all nations be saved. And here we see his salvation come to a Canaanite woman.