Joyous Confidence

Even though Paul did know with certainty the outcome of his impending trial he had a joyous confidence in Christ. His desire was to honor Christ through life and death. We too are called to live with joyous confidence regardless of the circumstances we face. That confidence only comes through living for Christ.

The Mysterious and Good Ways of Our God

In Philippians 1, the Apostle Paul assures the Philippian church that his imprisonment is advancing the gospel. The Lord uses his marvelous providence to work through suffering and difficult circumstances so as to advance the gospel and strengthen our faith. Resulting in our ability to rejoice in Him!

Joyful Partnership in the Gospel

This week we kick off our new sermon series in the book of Philippians. Planted in the middle of a strategic city, the believers at Philippi were challenged to live out their faith in a culture whose values and morals were quite contrary to the Kingdom of God. Yet, the Philippian church was an example of God's faithfulness to complete the good work He had started in them.

Easter 2012: Freed to Worship Through the New Temple

Jesus is alive and risen! We worship a risen King who has become the way for us to be reconciled to God. Through faith in Jesus the Christ, we are reconciled to God, adopted into the family of God and united with Him forever.

The Glorious Presence

The book of Exodus concludes in stark contrast to its beginning. Israel has graciously been delivered from oppression and cruel slavery by the blood of the lamb and now lives with the presence of the LORD in their midst.