Judgment Foretold

Jesus warned his disciples regarding the coming judgment on Jerusalem and also foretold of His second coming.

Saved From God's Wrath

The wondrous and joy giving truth of the gospel is that while we were enemies of God, He sent Jesus to die for the ungodly. We are totally undeserving, weak and unable to save ourselves. But God has demonstrated his love for us and His holiness in sending Jesus to die for sinners. It is only through Jesus' death and life that we receive reconciliation to God.

We are a fickle hearted people, prone to sin and wandering from the Lord, our sin of rebellion runs deep. This morning we look to Jesus and His perfect obedience offered on our behalf. Jesus' perfect submission to the Father secures the means by which we are saved.

In Chapter 24:1-14 of Matthew the disciples ask Jesus about the timing of the coming kingdom. In His response Jesus helps us see beyond questions of timing and points to both the nature of the Christian existence and the purpose of the church during all our days from the present time until the end.