Believing God

Abram, now old and beyond the biological age of being capable to father a child, asks god for a sign, a means of helping him know that God will fulfill his promises. God reinforces his promise to Abram with a stellar object lesson. And Abram believed God. This belief was credited to him as righteousness. Likewise for Christians today, our 'work' is to believe God; to believe in the One He has sent, Jesus the Christ and it will be counted to us as righteousness.

Redeemed and Refreshed

In Genesis 14 we read about Abram’s victory in battle as he rescues Lot and his subsequent meeting with two kings after the battle. In this passage we see a contrast between faithful and foolish ways as well as God’s providence, trustworthiness and saving grace.

Faith and Faithfulness

God promised Abram land for his descendants. In chapter 13 Abram demonstrated confidence in God’s promise through humble deference to Lot and God demonstrated his faithfulness to Abram through reiterating his promise.

Doubt Turned to Joy

No one expected a resurrected Jesus. The women and disciples who watched Jesus be crucified and die, mourned and wept. They had no hope. None. And even after they saw the resurrected Christ, it took many proofs to convince them that Jesus is alive. He turned their mourning to doubt and then to joy. And his resurrection changes everything about everything.