Disobedience and Defeat

Shortly after Israel's great victory at Jericho, they turn their attention to conquering Ai. And things take a drastic turn. Israel is soundly defeated. God graciously reveals that Israel has been defeated because of their sin and He prescribes a way for them to be restored and for God's favor to rest on them again.

The Lord Fights for Israel

After entering the Promise Land, Israel prepares to begin taking possession of the land starting in Jericho. Before the battle, Joshua encounters the Commander of the army of the LORD. He has come to give this land as God promised, to Israel. If Israel will obey the LORD, the LORD will fight for them and victory is assured.

Resurrection Hope

Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead and all the wonderful implications of his resurrection. Everyone who repents and trusts in Jesus shall dwell with the Lord God Most High and experience the fullness of His presence and celebrate in exquisite joy forever. Hope comes to us through the resurrection.