Lights in the World

In light of Christ's obedience to the point of death, even death on a cross, Paul challenges the Philippians to work out the salvation that they may be lights in this world amongst a crooked a depraved generation.

Two Forms of Humility

The appeal to unity continues by examining the humility and exaltation of Christ. Jesus freely gave up being God, and showed perfect obedience by not seeking to re-take a God nature. This mystery of the incarnation shows us two forms of humility which addresses the entitlement we steal by putting others down, as well as our perception of being right. Instead Christ gave up what he had as God, and obeyed to death on a cross, to make it possible for us to live in unity and joy.

In Philippians chapter two, Paul continues his call for unity in the church. And he describes what this unity looks like, a Christ-like humility that counts others worthy of service and a genuine concern for the interests of others.

Granted to You: Belief and Suffering

Paul’s charge to the Philippian church is to stand firm amidst difficult trials and be united together as a body, with one mind. As the church remains steadfast, two spiritual fruits emerge: assurance of salvation for believers and conviction of the coming judgment for the world.