The Parable of the Talents

After discussing the parable of the virgins to teach his disciples to be prepared for his return, Jesus shares the parable of the talents to teach them to be diligent and faithful as they waited for him. And the same lesson applies to us, Jesus' disciples in the 21st century.

Wise and Foolish Living

Jesus' parable of the 10 virgins serves as an instruction and warning to those in the church. Many are looking forward to Jesus' return but unprepared for His return. They think they are Christians, yet have not obeyed him or been serving in His Kingdom. As a result, on the Day of Judgment many who attend church will sadly hear, "I do not know you" and perish.

Mother: Trainer and Teacher

The value and significance of motherhood, while under attack in our culture, cannot be overstated. The Bible repeatedly speaks to the meaning and vision of motherhood. Indeed, biblically minded mothers impact eternity.

How To Live Each Day

Jesus instructs his disciples to live their lives in light of the truth of his sure return and the coming judgment. All of our lives are lived before the face of God and we are to faithfully steward each day with the awareness that we do not know the time of the Lord’s return. We must heed Jesus’ exhortation to be alert and be ready for His coming, living lives that bring Him glory.