Joy and Assurance For God's Children

The measure of God's love for His people is expressed through the adoption of sinners into his family to be called children of God. This relationship provides eternal security and great hope for Christians today as we anticipate the appearance of Christ. Until that day, we are called to live righteously and reflect the character of Jesus.

Abiding in Christ 2016-05-22

Since the resurrection of Jesus, a new age has dawned. The Kingdom of God is growing and spreading through Jesus' disciples in the hearts of all who believe in Christ. Hence, the present age is passing away and as it does, many false teachers and prophets have and will arise. In his letter, John warns his readers not to be deceived by these false teachers. They are instructed to insulate themselves from being deceived by remaining in the Word of God and the Holy Spirit that they received.

The Danger of Loving the World

John warns believers in Christ to guard their hearts and lives against loving the world. Love for the world and love for God run contrary; you cannot love both at the same time. John provides specific examples of love for the world that is sinful. Furthermore, he explains that this world and its desires are dying. A new era of the Kingdom of God has dawned with the incarnation and resurrection of Christ. This world is passing away and will not last. But the ones who love God and do His will, will live forever.

The Works of a Wise Mother

On this Mother's Day we take time to honor mothers and motherhood. God's Word informs us of what it means to be a wise and praiseworthy wife and mother. Proverbs 31 is a full length portrait of godly wife and mother. The role and importance of a mother cannot be overstated. Mothers are the first teachers in the home and should teach Godly wisdom to her children as they work with diligence to care for all in the home.

5.1.16 | Assurance

Throughout much of John's letter, he frequently seeks to assure the members of the church that they are in Christ and that they can have assurance of their salvation. John knows these churches and he knows that they are in Christ. John provides three 'tests' to confirm that one is saved. These 'tests' are not the means of one's salvation but rather they are the signs that one is truly saved and on the path to glory. These 'tests' are theological, moral and social. In verses 3-14 John introduces the moral and social signs that indicate someone has come to genuine faith and therefore, may have assurance of their salvation.