Peter's Denial

After the Passover meal Jesus predicted that all of his disciples would fall away on account of him. He told Peter in particular that he would deny him three times that very night. But despite their sin and failure he promised to come back for them.

The Final Passover

Jesus shares the Passover meal with his disciples and during that meal, He institutes a new and better covenant between God and his people. Jesus is the ultimate and final Passover Lamb and through his shed blood He atones for sin once and for all. As a result, one of the ways the church now celebrates His redemption and awaits the consummation of His Kingdom is through the Lord’s Supper, instituted by Christ.

Bibilcal Manhood: A Model of Good Works

This Father’s Day, we look at the instructions Paul gives for older and younger men. We see that men are to be a model of good works and practice self-control. The rise and fall of the family and local church rests in part on their ability to do these two things.

Love and Betrayal

In Matthew 26, two amazing acts are juxtaposed. The first is a group of evil men plotting out Jesus’ death and seizing the opportunity when Judas defects. The second is a tremendous act of love and adoration as Mary anoints Jesus with a very expensive and precious oil. She, perhaps more than any of the disciples, understands what Jesus is going to Jerusalem to do. Both Judas and Mary worked to prepare for Jesus’ death in very different ways.

Final Judgment

In the conclusion of the Olivet Discourse, Jesus describes the final judgment to his disciples. Those who are unprepared for Christ’s return or unrepentant will receive only judgment. But to those who eagerly await His return and serve in His name, they shall receive blessing and honor.