Repeating Sin, Intervening Grace

Although Abraham repeats the same mistake as he did in Egypt, the Lord’s grace intervenes again and preserves Sarah, Abraham and the Lord’s promise. As a result of God’s grace, Abraham becomes an intercessor on behalf of Abimelech and he is healed through Abraham’s prayer.

Christ Exalting Fatherhood

As fathers we are commanded to raise our children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. Hence, as fathers we are models and teachers. But are we faithful models and teachers? All of us are teaching our children something, whether we realize it or not. Are we teaching them that Christ and His Kingdom are our supreme treasure or the things of this world are our treasure? As fathers our goal should be to teach and display the beauty and goodness of Jesus and His Word so that our children will know, love and obey the Him.

Righteous Judgement, Merciful Deliverance

God demonstrated his mercy toward Lot and his faithfulness to Abraham as he delivered Lot from the judgement against the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. God is right to judge sin and He is merciful to save.

God's Righteousness

The Lord remains with Abraham to reveal his plans for Sodom. Abraham has been chosen by God to receive blessings. When Abraham hears of the Lord’s plan for Sodom, he intercedes on behalf of the righteous in Sodom. Abraham is concerned about both the reputation of Lord and the lives of the righteous in Sodom. Abraham knows God is righteous and just hence, he appeals to the Lord on behalf of the righteous.