Justice In The Land

In God’s divine providence, our study of DT leads us to study the topic of justice. Right now, our nation is experiencing a great deal of anger and outrage as a result of injustice. Justice has been denied and it’s created a national crisis. In DT 16:18-17:13, God proclaims through Moses laws concerning the leaders of Israel and charges them to be and rule justly because God takes justice seriously. He is just. It is his character. And his people must not accept perversions of justice. Indeed, God demands that his people do justice.

A Holy People

God has chosen Israel to be his treasured possession and with that privilege comes a holy calling- to be a distinct people on the face of the earth for the glory of God. In the next section of Deuteronomy, Moses outlines how Israel will be set apart in the world by God so that the surrounding nations would know they are living according to a higher calling.

How To Remain Faithful To The Lord

Moses exhorts Israel to remain faithful to the Lord after they enter the promise land. Israel's ability to continue to love and obey the Lord will be strengthened if they remember God's salvation, the outcome of those who rebelled against the Lord and if they remember and obey God's Word.