The Kingdom of Heaven is Like...

Jesus continues to teach about what the Kingdom of Heaven is like. In Matthew chapter 13, we learn the Kingdom of Heaven is more valuable than anything else and worthy of supreme sacrifice in order to attain it. And the way the Kingdom grows is through disciples sharing this treasure with others.

The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like…

In Matthew 13, Jesus begins to teach about the Kingdom of Heaven by using several parables. This week we examine the parables of the Wheat and Weeds, Mustard Seed and Leaven. All three parables teach that the Kingdom of Heaven is growing and advancing as God sees fit. Our response to these parables needs should be characterized by patient trust in our God.

Hearing and Understanding

In chapter 13 Jesus began the parable discourse with the parable of the sower. As we study the parable we see that it really is a parable about four kinds of soil. The question we are confronted with is ‘What kind of soil am I?’

Jesus: Greater Than Jonah

In Matthew 12, Jesus continues his warning to the Pharisees regarding their rejection of his ministry. If they persist in rejecting him, they will be judged for blasphemy. Jesus compares the Pharisees of his generation with Nineveh. Even Nineveh was more receptive to Jonah than the Pharisees are to Jesus and his ministry.