A clean heart and a right spirit

God and His holiness are incompatible with any sort of impurity and in this weeks text we explore both the purpose of purity, its source and our desperate need for it.

Worshipping the Sovereign King

This famous passage of scripture provides incredible and glorious truth for us concerning Jesus. In these verses we find reason for profound encouragement as well as critical instruction for those who are followers of Christ.

A Better Manna

The miracle of the feeding of five thousand points to something greater than a mere meal. The miracle points us to the Giver who is the Bread of Life. Jesus is the fulfillment of what manna in the desert was pointing to, the real bread from heaven. Jesus' body is the means by which we are reconciled unto God.

In life and in death, John the Baptist was a forerunner to Jesus Christ. He prepared the way for Jesus. And his life pointed to the one who would come after him who was greater than he. Both John and Jesus were murdered. But Jesus, unlike John, rose from the grave. And His resurrection has changed everything.