God's Presence in the Shadows

While on the run, Jacob meets Rachel and strikes a deal with her father to marry her. But Laban deceives Jacob and this deceit cost Jacob 7 years of hard labor. Jacob, the deceiver, is deceived. And we can be left asking, where was God in all of this? Answering this question and preaching for us this week is Bill Sullivan, elder in training at Journey Church.

Assailing Grace

This week we are pleased to have Dr. Andrew Arthur of the Hallows Church preach Genesis 32:22-32.

Family Dysfunction and God's Plan

Anytime you put sinners together in a family or home, dysfunction is going to happen. Isaac and Rebekah’s family is just one more example of this. Jacob steals not only his brother’s birthright, but also his brother’s blessing. And shockingly does so with his mother’s help! In spite of Rebekah and Jacob’s sin, God accomplishes his redemptive plan.

God's Presence

Isaac is the true heir of the Abrahamic blessings and covenant. God has promised to be with him. And indeed, God is undeniably with Isaac, to guide, protect and to bless him. Isaac is sent away from Gerar in the midst of a famine. Nevertheless, God’s presence and favor go with him and as a result he prospers wherever he goes.

Scandalous Grace

Abraham, the patriarch of Israel dies and is buried next to his wife, Sarah. Abraham will have many descendants as God had promised. God’s Word is unfailing. Isaac and Rebekah go on to have twins. But God’s covenant promises will be carried on through only one of them. God in his sovereignty, contrary to human convention, chooses Isaac’s youngest son, Jacob to be the recipient of his grace and the blessing of Abraham.