Moses Blesses Israel

In his final act, Moses beseeches God's favor upon Israel and blesses them. In doing so, he reminds Israel that God has redeemed them and forged them into a nation and he assures them that God will go with them into the Promise Land. The path forward is fraught with danger, but God shall be with them, his everlasting arms underneath them and He shall be their shield. 

Faith Or Fear

We are pleased to welcome back Pastor Kerry Day to preach for us this morning. Formerly at Journey Church, Pastor Kerry was sent out to help plan Redemption Church and now serves at Restoration Road Church. 

The Disinheriting of the Nations

Moses references a detail that modern people find shocking and strange. Israel’s God gave the nations and their “gods” to each other as a judgement for their collusion in disobedience. More than just a quirk of the ancient world—this dimension of the gospel narrative shows us that God has dealt with rebellion in multiple frames: individual, corporate and divine.

Moses’ Last Sermon

We are delighted to welcome Pastor Jason Smith of Martha Lake Baptist Church as our guest preacher this morning. 

Cursed For Us

Moses warns Israel that if they break the covenant with the Lord and continue on in unrepentant sin, that He shall remove them from the Promise Land. And more than that, they shall incur the wrath of God. But if they choose to honor the Lord and keep the covenant, they shall receive an abundance of blessing from God. Yet we know, that no one is righteous and can be justified by the law. Therefore, God in his great mercy, sent Jesus, his Son, to bear the curse for us and win us eternal blessing.