Motherhood By The Spirit

Each year on Mother’s Day we take advantage of this opportunity to honor mothers. Motherhood is a magnificent calling and an awesome work! Mothers have a ministry that is a means God uses to bless the world. And it is work to be sure. Being a mother, is a full-time gig, mothers are constantly working. It is a round the clock job. The work of motherhood has no boundaries. And because of this, this calling of motherhood is not to be undertaken merely in your own strength. Rather, God supplies the Holy Spirit as a means by which mothers may be strengthened, enabled and guided to be godly mothers whose lives bear good spiritual fruit.

Community Group Questions

  1. What is the greatest joy of motherhood to you?
  2. If you are a mother, what are the hardest aspects of motherhood?
  3. Why can’t we live the way God desires us to live apart from the Holy Spirit?
  4. What does it mean to not be under the law (v. 18)?
  5. How do we walk by the Spirit (i.e. live by the Spirit)?
  6. For those who belong to Jesus, how is our flesh crucified?
  7. What fruits of the Spirit are absent from your life? How can address this absence and grow in these areas?
  8. Husbands and fathers, how can you encourage and foster your wife’s living by the Spirit?