One Thing Is Necessary

God willing we have a full year ahead of us; a year of opportunities, new endeavors, responsibility, work etc. Through it all my prayer is that we would make Christ the center of our lives, the primary priority of our lives, the focus of our heart’s affection and the captivating thought that consumes our mind because Jesus is good and He alone is what satisfies. There is nothing better than Jesus. 

CG Questions

  1. Take a moment to reflect on your walk with Christ in 2019. How would you describe it? And what needs to change for 2020? What do you want God to do in you in the new year?
  2. Martha was anxious and troubled about a great many things. These things captivated her heart and mind’s attention and led her away from enjoying Jesus’ presence. What are you anxious and troubled about that prevents you from enjoying Jesus and leads you to take your focus off of him?
  3. Speculating for a moment, what do you think led to the difference between Mary’s and Martha’s actions when Jesus arrived?
  4. What is the “one thing (that) is necessary” that Jesus is referring to? And what is the “good portion which will not be taken away”?
  5. Do you believe, truly believe you need Christ above all other things, that He is what is most necessary and good in your life?
  6. At the dawn of 2020, what choices, changes, steps do you need to make to prioritize Christ in your life?