Our Mighty God

As Israel crosses over the Jordan River and enters the promise land, God demonstrates his mighty and unparalleled power. He parts the Jordan River as He previously parted the Red Sea and brings his people safely into the land. In so doing, Israel's exodus is complete. God has redeemed them and delivered them into the promise land.

CG questions:

  1. What are the memorials in your life where God’s power and grace were on display in remarkable ways?
  2. What is the Ark of the Covenant and why is it significant?
  3. Compare Exodus 19 and Joshua 3:5. Why do the people consecrate themselves?
  4. Why did God have Israel cross the Jordan at this time, when the river conditions were terrible?
  5. Can you think of occasions in Scripture where the crossing of Jordan stands for a symbolic significance for the narrative account?
  6. What is the significance and purpose of the 12 stones taken out of the river?
  7. Why do you think God made crossing the river such a grand event?
  8. Do you prepare to meet God in worship or just show up? Should we prepare ourselves and how?
  9. What are the daily miracles (divine work of the Lord) that we are prone to ignore or fail to recognize?