Reinforcing One Another’s Faith

Worship is clearly centered and directed towards God. However, there’s more to Worship than this. It is not only done corporately, but actually has other Christians as the secondary audience. Understanding this truth helps us have a fuller understanding of Worship. Specifically how we become agents of God’s work to build up one another’s faith.

The Ends and Means of Christian Community

Our text this week paints a picture of what Christian community ought to look like and how we can achieve it. Colossians 3:12-17 points to our motivation and model for right conduct within the family of God and also shows us the only means by which we can hope to grow into the kind of community God desires.

Raising a Hopeful Child

All human fatherhood should be modeled after God's divine Fatherhood over us. Christian fathers should actively seek to encourage their children, not dealing with them harshly and teach them to place their hope in God. The ability to be an encouraging, hope-filling, courageous child comes not from instinct or innate ability, but from the regeneration and sanctification of the Holy Spirit.