People of Justice

The Kingdom of God is a Kingdom of justice and as citizens of the Kingdom we must labor to defend, preserve and protect all who are denied dignity and justice. So this Sunday we will recognize the innate human dignity of every person made in the image of God. In doing so we draw attention to the present assaults on human dignity such as abortion, racism, racial injustice and sadly many others. And we focus on the ways in which God is leading us to respond.

CG Questions:

What does the coming of the Kingdom of God look like now, in our midst?
What responsibilities come with being a citizen of the Kingdom of God?
What role does the church play in the Kingdom of God now?
How do we train and hone our consciences so that they accord with God’s priorities and values?
What is the primary accusation brought against the people of Israel in Isaiah 58?
In what ways have you/we acted similar?
How must our thinking change if we are to obey what He commands in Isaiah 58?
What are realistic and practical ways you can work for justice on behalf of those who are denied justice? What obstacles will you face? What are you willing to sacrifice to bring justice to another?