Persistence in Prayer

As we've been studying, prayer is absolutely vital to the Christian life. Prayer is indispensable to our relationship with the Lord. And yet, our desire to pray fades so quickly. Jesus, knowing our weak and fickle hearts, routinely encouraged his disciples to pray and not lose heart. In multiple parables, Jesus encouraged his followers to persist in prayer knowing that they have a good and loving Father in Heaven who hears them and will give them good gifts.

CG Questions:

1. Why do you think the desire to pray quickly wanes?

2. What are means by which you can bolster your devotion to God in prayer?

3. What effect should the knowledge of God's character and affection for us have on our prayer life?

4. Why do you think the Lord wants us to continue to persist in coming to him in prayer?

5. What are you tempted to believe when the Lord has not answered your prayer as quickly as you would like? What can you do in those times to strengthen your faith?

6. How shall we think about unanswered prayer?