Placing Our Hope in the Promises of God

Psalm 72 is a prayer for the king of Israel. But what is clear is that this psalm is also a prayer for a future coming king, who is no ordinary king. The future king prayed for will have worldwide dominion and his kingdom shall prosper eternally. God will rule through him and God's righteousness will be meted out through him. And fortunately for us, He is a compassionate King, gentle and tender, saving the oppressed and outcast. And those who hope in Him shall see the glory of the Lord.

CG Questions:

1. What makes for a great leader? What is indispensable to great leadership?

2. What makes for true prosperity and how is it manifest in the Kingdom of God?

3. Why is it important for us to think on, meditate on, the future coming Kingdom of Christ?

4. What are some glorious fruits of the Kingdom of God that we are able to experience now? What are some works of the Kingdom that we are able to give ourselves to now?

5. List and discuss the perfections of Christ’s Kingship and Kingdom detailed in this Psalm.