Prayer and Suffering

Suffering will either push us away from the Lord or push us closer to him. The Apostle Paul, while imprisoned teaches us the secret of contentment in suffering and how to rely upon the Lord. Through prayer we present our needs and cast our anxieties upon God. And He is more than sufficient to strengthen us and grow our faith.

CG questions:

  1. When you are in a time of suffering, what lies are you tempted to believe about yourself and the Lord?
  2. Why does God allow suffering in the lives of his children? How have you seen him produce good fruit through suffering?
  3. How did Paul learn contentment in every circumstance?
  4. Other than praying for relief of your suffering, what else could/should you be praying for?
  5. What is a wrong way to apply verse 13? And what is the right way to apply it?
  6. Do you believe you can be content regardless of the circumstance? Why or why not?