Jonathan Gilroy

True Riches

Proverbs shows us the foolishness of earthly possessions and money. What God truly values are matters of character: righteousness, wisdom, instruction, integrity. The cravings of material wealth are never quenched, they never satisfy, they do not profit our soul. Instead, we are called to set our eyes on godliness and to be content with little. In so doing we will be equipped to give generously and steward honorably which is a hedge against the temptation and snare of worldly riches.

In Malachi 4, when God’s people question His goodness, righteousness, and justice he answers by revealing his wrath and grace. This coming Day of the Lord will be terrible and severe for those who reject Jesus, yet for those who trust and follow Him it is a day of hope and anticipation. God calls us to prepare for the final judgment by believing, obeying, and persevering.

Joy and Assurance For God's Children

The measure of God's love for His people is expressed through the adoption of sinners into his family to be called children of God. This relationship provides eternal security and great hope for Christians today as we anticipate the appearance of Christ. Until that day, we are called to live righteously and reflect the character of Jesus.

God's Presence in Success and Distress

Despite Joseph's servitude in a land far from home, Egypt, he was not alone. God made his presence indisputable by divinely blessing his work for Potiphar, his master. Through these successful times and promotion God strengthened Joseph's faith such that when temptation came from his master's wife, he responded righteously. But his obedience to God ultimately resulted in his imprisonment and suffering. Despite Joseph's circumstances, Genesis 39 clearly shows that God was present with him, sustaining him, and working for his good. God was active in Joseph's life as he is active in our lives today. This chapter is an encouragement for Christians to acknowledge the many undeserved blessings God has given us, and to look at trials as opportunities for equipping and maturity.

God's Faithfulness through Promise and Conflict

Isaac's miraculous birth to Abraham and Sarah was the fulfillment of a promise made by God 25 years earlier. But Ishmael, Abraham's firstborn son through Hagar, stood as a threat to the infant's inheritance. The expulsion of Ishmael and Hagar left Isaac's right to the inheritance uncontested. God demonstrates his faithfulness to all of Abraham' s family, and to us, through the fulfillment of His promise, His inheritance, and His provision.

God's purposes for Man and Woman

In our passage today we see that God had well planned intentions for man and woman when he created them. His careful thought and design of mankind reveals his purpose for us as well. God has expectations for us because he has designed us to specifically accomplish his purposes. God intentionally created us to serve and obey Him with integrity.