Luke Emerson

Words and the Wise

Proverbs has much to teach us regarding how to be wise in the way use our words. Oftentimes however, the areas where we struggle to keep our speech pure have far more to do with our hearts than our mouths.

In Psalm 110 David presents a vivd prophetic vision of a triumphant messianic king who would one day come be the ultimate deliverer of God’s people. In this sermon we explore a message of future -and ultimate- hope for God’s people. A hope rooted not in any earthy king but in someone and something far greater.

Sustaining our Faith

For all who trust in Christ, God is both the source and sustainer of that faith. If we desire to see our faith grow then our knowledge and understanding of who God is and what he has done for all believers must increase. Like Paul, may none of us cease asking God to grant us greater revelation and knowledge of Him.

The Ends and Means of Christian Community

Our text this week paints a picture of what Christian community ought to look like and how we can achieve it. Colossians 3:12-17 points to our motivation and model for right conduct within the family of God and also shows us the only means by which we can hope to grow into the kind of community God desires.

The Presence of God

God promises to be present among his people for their comfort and also their transformation. In this week’s text we witness Jacob experience God’s presence and promises in a remarkable way and we explore how God’s people can experience him today.

God's Chosen People

In this week's text we witness God confirming His covenant with Abram and expanding on the goodness and fullness of this covenant. We are also introduced to the sign of the covenant (circumcision) that will serve as an assurance of God's promised blessings down through the generations of Abram's descendents. Ultimately, we will see that there is no greater blessing or more gracious gift than to be counted among God's people.

In Chapter 24:1-14 of Matthew the disciples ask Jesus about the timing of the coming kingdom. In His response Jesus helps us see beyond questions of timing and points to both the nature of the Christian existence and the purpose of the church during all our days from the present time until the end.

This weeks text explores the theme of Israel’s spiritual hypocrisy through Jesus’ cursing of a fig tree and a challenge to His authority in the temple brought by the chief priests and elders. The truths we see in the text point to a powerful spiritual reality for all of us.

A clean heart and a right spirit

God and His holiness are incompatible with any sort of impurity and in this weeks text we explore both the purpose of purity, its source and our desperate need for it.

The Presence and Promise of God

Jesus knew we would face challenges as we strive to entrust our lives to Him and live as faithful disciples. Having already addressed anger, lust, deceit, vengeance, hypocrisy, and greed, this week we see Jesus working even deeper into our hearts as He calls us to trust him with even our most basic physical needs.