Whose Son is the Christ?

This week in Matthew 22:34-46, Jesus masterfully answers questions from the Pharisees and then, turns the tables on them and ask them a question. Their answers and silence reveal that they do not know who Jesus is. This week we will examine Jesus’ argument in this text and his identity as Lord.

Marriage and Ressurection

Evading another theological trap, Jesus corrects the Sadducees in their understanding of marriage and their disbelief in the resurrection. Our marriages point to something eternal, namely our union with Christ and the resurrection. Jesus clearly teaches that both the patriarchs and Christians today, inherit eternal life with God.

What Belongs to God

In this Sunday's t ext, Matthew 22:15-22, Jesus manages to teach on multiple culturally explosive topics all in one conversation! This week we will examine these seven short verses that involve politics, taxes and religion. And we will learn how the Kingdom of God shapes our understanding of how we participate in each.

Dress Code Righteousness

In Matthew 22, Jesus continues teaching parables that vividly describe Israel’s rejection of Jesus and his ministry. This rejection of Jesus as the Christ, inevitably leads to their judgment and destruction. But God does not give up. God desires all men to be saved through Jesus and hence, He sends his invitation into His Kingdom far and wide.

Justice and Grace

All of us have a sense of fairness that we carry over into our relationship with God. This subjective view of 'fairness' blinds us to the grace and mercy of God. Do we want God to be fair or gracious? As we will see in Matthew 20, God gives each one of us better than we deserve.

Pray in Every Circumstance

Each year, at the beginning of a new year, we set our focus upon growing in our individual and corporate prayer lives. None of us looks back at 2013 satisfied with our prayer life. We all know we need to pray more, in every circumstance. This morning we learn from James chapter 5, different kinds of prayer.

Peace and Pardon

Perhaps no other time of year is it easier to be distracted from Jesus and carried away by the culture than Christmas time. Tonight, we focus our attention on Jesus and the gifts he brings that neither break, spoil or leave us wanting. Jesus offers us the greatest gifts, peace and pardon.

Confronting Our Idolatry

In Jesus' interaction with a rich young man, we see that Jesus directly confronts our deepest idolatry, if we choose to follow Jesus, we must lay down all our other idols. He will not allow us to love other gods and be His disciple.

God's Great Magnanimity

Jesus continues to teach his disciples about forgiveness and reconciliation through an incredible parable. We are all debtors unto God and He, being rich in mercy has forgiven us through the atoning work of Jesus' death and resurrection. We can be sure that our debt to God is canceled and atoned for by Jesus by the way we forgive and extend mercy to others.


In Matthew 18, Jesus shares a beautiful parable that reveals God's character and His great love for us. God is a Redeemer. He seeks and he saves. Jesus is our good shepherd, seeking us who have gone astray.

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