Matthew Savage

Remembering Our Rescue

As Israel prepares to begin their exodus from Egypt, God instructs them to remember their deliverance by God's powerful hand through a feast and the consecration of the firstborn. Israel's rescue from slavery came through a substitutionary death, a sacrifice made on their behalf. They, like us, have been redeemed, bought with a price. We belong to Him.

Hardened Hearts and the Judgments of God

This week we venture back into chapter 7 of Exodus. God is going to liberate his people from slavery after He defeats the gods of Egypt. Through the plagues God is revealing himself to both Israel and Egypt that they may know He is the LORD. God is redeeming his people by mighty works of judgment.

Justice and the People of God

In Isaiah 58, God gives a prophetic indictment against his people for neglecting the oppressed. God calls his people to do justice, to serve and fight for the oppressed. As Isaiah 58 teaches, a passion for justice is a fruit of devotion and knowing God.

A Test of Faith: Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better

After the people of Israel receive God's promise of deliverance, things get immediately worse. Their faith is challenged and pushed to the limits. How do you trust God when everything seems to be going wrong? This week we study Exodus 5 and learn how not to put our confidence in our circumstances, but in God instead.

Assured by God: letting go of fear and trusting God

Moses is called by God to a daunting task. Moses' fear leads him to question God and hesitate. Gracefully, God supplies his every need and Moses is served and strengthened through biblical community.

A Sufficient God and a Reluctant Prophet

Having been prepared and humbled by God, Moses is called to deliverer Israel from Egypt. Moses is fearful and questions his ability to accomplish the task. Yet, God reveals himself to Moses in a powerful way and supplies his every need.

Prepared for a Purpose

Last we learned that not only is God faithful to all of his promises, but He also works all things together for the good of those who love him. This week we see that God was preparing Moses to lead the nation of Israel and that preparation was difficult and humbling.

A New King Arises

This week we begin our new sermon series in the book of Exodus. We will quickly see that the deliverance of Israel from Egypt is a remarkably full and accurate typification of our redemption in Christ. In chapter one, we learn three foundational truths that can sustain us through any circumstance or trial.

Do Not Labor For That Which Does Not Satisfy

Isaiah chapter 55 presents us with a beautiful invitation to come to God and be satisfied. All of us have a deep thirst to be satisfied and only in God is our thirst quenched. God invites everyone to come and partake of his economy of grace and mercy. Seek Him while he may be found!

God's Pursuit

The book of Jonah has something to say to everyone who struggles to forgive or love as we should, teaching us what it means to not only believe the gospel of God’s grace but also live the gospel of grace. We will likely see a little bit of Jonah in each of us.