John's Purpose

John provides us with a succinct yet powerful purpose statement for his gospel as he continued to urge his readers to believe in Jesus. Jesus continued to graciously reveal himself to his disciples and welcome them into fellowship.

Righteous Judgement, Merciful Deliverance

God demonstrated his mercy toward Lot and his faithfulness to Abraham as he delivered Lot from the judgement against the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. God is right to judge sin and He is merciful to save.

Unlikely Heroine

In the book of Ruth we have an amazing story revealing the kindness of God and pointing to his redemptive work. Along the way we are provided with wonderful examples of a daughter honoring her mother and a mother caring for her daughter.

Faith and Faithfulness

God promised Abram land for his descendants. In chapter 13 Abram demonstrated confidence in God’s promise through humble deference to Lot and God demonstrated his faithfulness to Abram through reiterating his promise.

Faith and Fear

In spite of demonstrating great faith in God, Abram still struggled with fear and doubt. But in spite of Abram's fear and deception God remained faithful to his promises.

Uncovered and Exposed

Noah's life with his family began well after the flood but things began to deteriorate when Noah became drunk and lay naked in his tent. The response of Noah's sons to his sin occasioned a pronouncement by Noah of a curse and a blessing.

Judgment Announced, Salvation Planned

In Genesis chapter 6 God determined to judge the inhabitants of the earth through a devastating flood. But he also revealed a plan to save Noah and his family in order to carry out his purposes on the earth.

The Shedding of Innocent Blood

In Genesis 4 humanity continued in a downward spiral as the seed of the serpent waged war on the seed of the woman. Sin and injustice became increasingly prevalent. But the shedding of innocent blood in this passage reminds us of another time when an innocent man’s blood was shed. Only this time it would be cause for great hope.

God of Rest

This Sunday we will study the seventh day as recorded in Genesis 2:1-3.  The seventh day was different than the first six in that God rested.  God blessed the seventh day and made it holy because he rested from his work of creation.  In this sermon we will consider the significance and implications of this day of rest.

The Insuppressible Truth

Jesus predicted his resurrection multiple times before his death. The chief priests and the Pharisees worked to prevent people from believing in the resurrection. But they were fighting a losing battle. Jesus rose from the grave and appeared to many proving he was the Christ.