Pride and Humility

Thinking highly of oneself is one of the highest values in our society. Our society is filled with programs and techniques to help you look and feel better than the next guy. But the Bible treats thinking highly of ourselves as a problem. In Proverbs, God reveals his hatred of our pride. God hates pride, therefore, our pride shall not go unpunished. Prideful men shall receive the righteous judgment of God. But God has made a way for prideful men to be saved from destruction through Christ. Through a humble Savior, we can be rescued from pride's destruction.

CG questions

  • What is pride? What is pride often pre-occupied with? And why is pride dangerous?
  • What are the most common manifestations of pride in your life?
  • Why is pride a perpetual struggle?
  • How does Jesus model and exemplify true greatness? What can we learn from his humility?
  • How can we be liberated from pride and wage ongoing war against our pride?