"Progress" that Leaves the Gospel Behind

John writes again to the same congregation for which he has much love and tender affection for. He writes to warn them about specific deceivers that have gone out and are seeking to infiltrate the church. The church must be on guard against any person or doctrine claiming to go ahead, progress or advance the original message of the gospel delivered once for all to the saints. For such persons who would disseminate such a message, indeed a false gospel, we, individually and corporately, must have nothing to do with them.

CG Questions:

How and why is the command "to love one another" an old command?

What should our love for one another look like? Be specific and give detail.

What does it mean to "walk according to his commandments"? And how is it loving to others when we walk according to his commandments? Does ones failure to walk in his commandments effect more than just the individual? What does a healthy church look like? What is your role in producing or contributing to a healthy church?

What is an example of a false gospel today? Why is it a false gospel?

What are examples of "progress" or "going on ahead" of the gospel that are in reality, no true gospel at all?