Remade In His Image

At this very moment, Jesus exists in bodily form. He is not a floating spirit. He has a heavenly, glorified body and one day, we shall too. When we talk about growing in Christlikeness and the effects of Jesus' resurrection, we are not only talking about God transforming our attitude, character, hearts and minds. We are also talking about our bodies becoming like his glorious, resurrected body. The triumph of Christ secures not only the salvation of our souls but the redemption of our bodies. And in our text today the Apostle Paul is going to build this idea out for us.

Community Group Questions:

  1. Do you sometimes think of death as a loss rather than a gain? Do you wrestle with being so entangled with the world that the thought of leaving it is painful and distressing?
  2. Why does it matter that not just our souls, but also our bodies are redeemed?
  3. What shall we do in the life to come?
  4. What happens to the bodies of those who are alive when Jesus returns?
  5. What does it mean to bear the image of the man of Heaven? (v. 49)