Resurrection Hope

Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead and all the wonderful implications of his resurrection. Everyone who repents and trusts in Jesus shall dwell with the Lord God Most High and experience the fullness of His presence and celebrate in exquisite joy forever. Hope comes to us through the resurrection.

CG Questions

  1. Jesus spoke tenderly to the disciples' doubts. Do you wrestle with doubt about the resurrection?
  2. If Jesus told his disciples about his betrayal, crucifixion and resurrection before it happened (Matthew 16:21, 20:17-19, why were they so confused?
  3. How is the initial disbelief of the disciples evidence for the truthfulness of the resurrection?
  4. Why does the bodily resurrection of Jesus matter for us?
  5. How does the hope of the resurrection liberate us from materialism and despair over losses we suffer in this life?
  6. What comfort do you take from the resurrection of Jesus?