Return to Me

God continues to confront his people's sins through the prophet Malachi. The people of Israel have been unfaithful to the covenant they have made with the Lord by refusing to offer acceptable tithes and offerings. They have robbed God by failing to be faithful in their worship of God through tithing. God calls the people to repent and return to him, demonstrating their faith through making appropriate tithes and sacrifices. If they do, the Lord promises to show himself faithful to them and provide for them.

Discussion Questions

  • Why is it significant that the Lord does not change? If He could and did change, what would this imply?
  • Why is failing to tithe a sin? How does God treat or respond to those who refuse to obediently tithe?
  • What are reasons we fail to tithe? What are the dangers of the love of money? What lies do you believe about money?
  • What does repentance look like for those who have failed to tithe?
  • Describe the mentality of the people of Israel as described in verses 13-15. Where are they failing to think properly?
  • How does the Lord feel and act towards those who fear him? What is the benefit of fearing and reverencing the Lord?