Rewarded by Christ

In the latter half of 1 Corinthians chapter 3, the Apostle Paul seeks to simultaneously warn the Corinthians about their destructive divisions but also encourage them to use their lives for the Kingdom of God. No one who lives for Christ and his glory, seeking to edify the church and spread the Kingdom of God wastes their life. On the contrary, each one shall be rewarded by God. As Christians, we should live with an eternal perspective, using our lives to store up treasure in Heaven and frequently remind ourselves of the incomparable glories yet to be revealed to us and experienced for all eternity. Let none of us waste our lives.

CG questions:

1. What does it mean to have Jesus Christ as your foundation?

2. Why does every other foundation fail? What are examples of competing foundations to build your life on?

3. Why should we aspire to do great things for God and take risks with this life for the Kingdom of God?

4. Discuss Jonathan Edwards metaphor for different reward in Heaven. Does this help your understanding? What other Scriptures or examples increase your understanding of the Lord's recompense?

5. Paul says in verse 21 and 23, "all things are yours". What does he mean? And how should this impact our worldview? How can this help us cope in difficult times?