Rising Conflict

John wants us to see the conflict that will result in Jesus’ arrest, mistrial and murder. However, we can become too familiar with these stories. We want to recapture some of the shock these events should have. In all of this, we will continue to see John’s emphasis on how different parties respond to Jesus, such that we may respond with belief.


CG Questions:

* What is the danger in mischaracterizing the groups that opposed Jesus?
* Who are the main actors in the story and how do their reactions play into the narrative?
* Why is it important that we are charitable in of our reading of many figures in scripture? How do we give them this charity when we know (in retrospect) that they were wrong?
* Why are people’s reactions to Jesus so important for John’s larger aims in writing his gospel?
* How is Jesus a threat to those who oppose him today?
* Where have you encounter an issue needing spiritual discernment? How did you try to align with God’s will in this situation?