Surviving Dark Days

The Psalms are vital to teaching us how to live the Christian life. And Psalm 77 is one of those Psalms that teaches us how to live the Christian life in the darkest of days. Often when we read the Psalms we see ourselves and our struggles reflected in the text. We can relate to the feelings of the psalmist. God put the Psalms in the Bible not only to lead us in worship, but also to console and comfort us in seasons of deepening darkness and doubt. Psalm 77 teaches us what to do in times of such doubt and discouragement.

CG Questions

  • What mistakes do you make when you are discouraged or depressed?
  • What should we do when our feelings don’t match our theology?
  • When our emotions are unaffected by what we know in head?
  • What aspects of God does the psalmist focus his attention and mind on?
  • Why was deliverance from Egypt and crossing the Red Sea such a significant event for those like Asaph and the other Israelites who didn’t actually live through it?
  • As a New Testament Christian, where should we look for comfort? What role does the cross play in comforting us?