The Discipline of the Lord

As we read Deuteronomy we are reminded of just how devoted God is to his people. And it is because of his love and devotion to them that He disciplines them. As the Lord led Israel through the wilderness He was testing them and teaching them in order that He might prepare them to live faithfully in the promise land. 

CG Questions

  1. What was God desiring to teach Israel in the wilderness?
  2. In what ways do seasons of suffering and affliction expose us?
  3. How have lean seasons or seasons of suffering thrust you upon God? What did you learn?
  4. What role does remembrance play in the Christian life?
  5. Do you believe and trust that God’s plan for your life is better than yours?
  6. What are the spiritual challenges posed by success and comfort?
  7. How does a failure to obey God indicate Israel has forgotten him?
  8. If God loves us, why does the Lord discipline us?
  9. What are the fruits of the Lord’s discipline according to Hebrews 12?