The Importance & Certainty of the Gospel

In Chapter 24:1-14 of Matthew the disciples ask Jesus about the timing of the coming kingdom. In His response Jesus helps us see beyond questions of timing and points to both the nature of the Christian existence and the purpose of the church during all our days from the present time until the end.

Discussion Questions

The good news of the gospel is that God’s righteous wrath towards sinners has been satisfied through Christ so that those who profess faith in Christ might receive eternal salvation and enjoy God forever.  

  • Have a few people take turns sharing the gospel with the group.  What part of the gospel stood out to you the most? Why?
  • How has the truth of the gospel impacted your life on this side of heaven?
  • When circumstances threaten to lead us astray from the Gospel, what truths of scripture are most helpful in reminding you of God’s promises to His adopted children?
  • When you imagine all of creation being completely renewed what specific part of your life do you most look forward to being healed?
  • Consider God’s plan for the ‘gospel of the kingdom’ to be proclaimed throughout the whole world.  What part can you plan in that larger story as an individual? as a member of a church?