The Judgment and Patience of God and the Purpose of Missions

In Genesis Chapter 7 the day of God's judgment arrives. God had been exceedingly patient with man, but to no avail. Everywhere on earth, man's hears was only wicked. God's judgment came with unfathomable power and force; nothing escaped his judgment. Today, we are closer to the Day of Judgment than we have ever been. Once again, God is patient with us, desiring that none should perish and that all should be saved through Christ.

Community Group Questions

  • What are some parallels with Noah's day and ours?
  • How did Noah and his family escape the flood?
  • Why did God spare them?
  • What is significant about the details of the flood waters? What is God doing?
  • What evidence is there throughout the world of a great flood? Is a flood of the world possible?
  • How does Noah typologically point to Christ?
  • We read that the Lord shut Noah and his family in (V. 16). How does the Lord keep us and seal us for the Day of Judgment? Contrast with our eternal security as believers in Christ.
  • Contrast this judgment and the coming Day of Judgment.
  • Noah didn't get to invite others in to experience the salvation of the Lord. We do!