The Love Of God Appeared

At the heart of Christmas is love. You can’t have Christmas in any meaningful way without love. Christmas is a season of love and generosity because God is loving and generous. Christmas is about God’s love in action. The celebration of the birth of Jesus, is about the goodness and love of God appearing, that is, being made manifest, tangible, seen, experienced so as to change our lives forever.

Community Group Questions:

  1. What area/aspect of your life has changed the most since you came to faith in Christ?
  2. Why do you think Paul reminds the church of what they were and their sin? Why can't they forget their past sinful self?
  3. How does Paul seek to prevent anyone from boasting?
    Describe each member of the Trinity's work in our salvation.
  4. How can you let the love of God in-receive it afresh- this Advent season?
  5. What are the implications of being an heir of God?