The Mind of Christ

In 1 Corinthians Chapter 2 we see how and why the mind and thoughts of the believer must necessarily and fundamentally be different than those outside the church if we are to grow in our sanctification and live in keeping with our high calling as sons and daughters of God.

CG Questions

  1. Several ethical and political issues were mentioned in the sermon (Abortion, same-sex relationships, public education, international military intervention, genetic enhancement, social justice, etc.).  Choose one of these issues and explain how your opinion on that topic has been informed by your faith.
  2. How might your understanding of the role of the Spirit in understanding spiritual truths influence your approach to sharing your faith with non-Christians?
  3. Share an example of a belief or behavior that has changed in your life in as you have sought to live in obedience to scripture.
  4. Share an example of a belief of behavior in your life that you sense the Spirit of God leading you to change or grow in.