The Presence of God

God promises to be present among his people for their comfort and also their transformation. In this week’s text we witness Jacob experience God’s presence and promises in a remarkable way and we explore how God’s people can experience him today.

Community Group Questions

  • Share with the group a time when God’s promise to present with his people comforted you in a challenging time or season.
  • Are you ever tempted to doubt God’s presence in the midst of a trial? What truths of scripture help you personally in these times? (share specific verses)
  • Share with the group one specific event or circumstance that forever changed the trajectory of your life. Looking back, how has God used that event to shape your faith?
  • God still speaks to his people today through his “living and active” word (Heb 4:12). In Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, Donald Whiney asserts, “The most transforming practice available to us [Christians] is the disciplined intake of Scripture.” Do your attitudes or behaviors towards bible reading and study reflect these truths? Discuss as a group.