The Royal Return of Jesus

Paul seeks to comfort the Thessalonians as they grieve the loss of loved ones. Paul shepherds them to allow their faith to inform their grief. Loved ones who trusted in Christ will be raised when Jesus returns in glory. 

CG Questions

  1. In what ways does this text encourage you?
  2. Why is 'sleep' a euphemism for death?
  3. In what other texts does Jesus refer to his return from Heaven? What else do we learn from these texts? 
  4. What did Jesus' resurrection accomplish and set in motion? 
  5. How is it Paul knows what will happen when Christ returns?
  6. Why do you think the dead in Christ precede the living in joining Christ in the air?
  7. How does this text change the way you think about death, including your own death?
  8. How can you encourage others with this text? Does anyone come to mind specifically?