The Sanctity of Life

This morning, together with thousands of other churches we recognize the Sanctity of Life. All human beings are wonderfully made in the image of God. Tragically, the Imago Dei in children is assaulted every day in the womb via abortion. Ultimately, abortion is wrong because it is an assault on the person-forming work of God in the womb. The church cannot remain silent on this matter. The body of Christ is called to speak for the fatherless and unborn, to defend the powerless and to stand for justice while proclaiming God's Word.

**Please use the following link to view Focus on the Family's 2014 Sanctity of Life Guide referenced in this weeks sermon.**

Discussion Questions

  • Discuss the power of the gospel.  Is there any sin-past, present or future- that has more power than the cross of Jesus Christ? Delight in this truth Christian!
  • Discuss the evolution of the abortion debate.  What has changed over the years?
  • How are the culture's arguments surrounding 'life' schizophrenic?
  • What is the fundamental idolatry of those of those who fight for the right to have an abortion?  What do they value over life in the womb?
  • Read Psalm 139. Who creates, own, rules over life?
  • What type of language is used in Psalm 139 to describe God's knowledge of and creation of humanity?
  • What is special and unique about human life?  Why is it more valuable than animal life?
  • Why is abortion ultimately about God?
  • What are practical ways to get involved and support women who are considering an abortion and the children they carry?
  • How can we care for and minister to women who have had abortions?
  • Why should this issue-defending and protecting the lives of unborn children- mean more to many of us than it presently does?  Why do we often find ourselves apathetic to it?